The technical design of a Memorial with a Book of Life enables self-operated provision of information in the text and picture form about the deceased (Book of Life). This is enabled by a specialized, patent-protected construction of the memorial  that forms a protected space for the placement of an information box of the Book of Life. The information box consists of a hermetically closed space with the electronics of the Book of Life and the memorial lighting.

Commemoration symbols and texts of the memorial are illuminated by original, miniature lights. These lights are suitably placed on the memorial and automatically turn on or off according  to the intensity of daylight.

The Book of Life uses a black and white display to show information about the deceased in the form of text and picture.

The Book of Life opens only to such visitor of the Book of Life who, in an act of piety, places a burning candle to the specified spot.

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Necessary electrical energy is supplied to the Memorial with a Book of Life by a photovoltaic panel located on the back slab of the memorial . It is therefore advantageous if the Memorial with a Book of Life is located in a sunny spot. If not, it is necessary to complement the electronics of the Book of Life with a more performing battery which results in an increase of the price of the memorial.

Maintenance of a Memorial with a Book of Life during the year does not differ from the maintenance of a standard memorial. From time to time, it is recommended to clean the photovoltaic panel and to inspect the functioning of the lighting.

The manufacturer of the Book of Life recommends at least one servicing inspection of the information box that the owner of the Memorial with a Book of Life may also use to change the presentation about the deceased, e.g. change texts or pictures. Such changes are subject to payment and can be performed more often, if the client desires so.

At least once in two years it is necessary to perform diagnostics of the electronics in the information box. This is made by a specialist.