Description of a Memorial with a Book of Life

Memorials with a Book of Life are a unique product amongst memorials. This Slovak innovative product is also a world novelty in this area.

It is the first type of memorials sold in the world that offers information about the deceased in the picture or text form which is displayed by a special displaying device by means of a presentation of information about the deceased, placed on an appropriate spot on the memorial.

The content and form of the information in the presentation is a result of cooperation between the client and the memorial supplier. The start of the presentation depends on the lighting of a candle in a specified spot on the memorial.

Another non-traditional feature of this type of memorials is that they themselves shed light on their own symbols, headings, etc. The turning on and off of the lighting is automatic and depends on the intensity of daylight. Memorials are self-operated. They acquire the needed electrical energy from the sun.


Cemeteries are places of commemoration and lesson-learning for future generations, thanks to Memorials with a Book of Life.


Distribution of Memorials with a Book of Life, provision of more detailed information on the rememberance of the deceased.

Creation of Memorials with a Book of Life

Memorials with a Book of Life are an original piece of art and technology. Their manufacture and distribution requires coordinated cooperation of several entities, namely:

Designers who on the basis of requirements from clients create proposals of shapes of Memorials with a Book of Life together with their manufacturing documentation and according to requirements also create proposals of presentations about the deceased.

Stone makers who promote memorials in their shops and on the basis of provided know-how make and assemble the memorials at their final spot.

Mechanical workshops which manufacture the mechanical parts of memorials according to the provided documentation.

Electronics suppliers who manufacture and supply electronics for the Memorials with a Book of Life in the required quantity and quality. They cooperate in the creation of presentations. They ensure servicing of the memorial. They maintain an archive.

Author and owner of know-how, INTERSERVIS, that builds and coordinates a network of manufacturers and sellers of Memorials with a Book of Life, takes part in the development of new solutions of memorials. Maintains an archive.

Cooperating companies

Designers >

design team
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Československých tankistov 184, 841 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
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ETS spol. s r.o.
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tel. +421 905 614 019
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